by Jackie Sibbles-Drury
Playmakers Repertory Company, Chapel Hill, NC

Scenic & Costumes: Georgia Lee | Lighting: Porsche McGovern | Sound: Eric Collins | Video: Caite Kemp


“The excellent direction of Desdemona Chiang… creates a seamless transition from calm to emotionally challenging, and shows through the punctuated action and fluid dance that the actors perform as they are edged back into the narrative of history again and again. Moments of silence echo powerfully, allowing the audience to react and take in the action.”
D.C. McQueen, A&E Triangle Entertainment

“Director Desdemona Chiang coaxes commendable range from her players, whose likeable characterizations buoy the audience through the first half-hour while the script’s true intentions are not yet revealed… The play’s intended impact comes through with unsuspected power.”
Roy C. Dicks, The News & Observer

“Uncomfortable. Powerful. Unpredictable. Necessary.”
— Morgan Howard, The Daily Tar Heel