by William Shakespeare
Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Ashland, OR

Scenic: Richard Hay | Costumes: Helen Huang | Lighting: Yi Zhao | Sound: Andre Pleuss


“Chiang, true to her Shakespearean first name, is firmly in control of her material. East and West are irony-free zones as what began as a grim fairy tale turns into pastoral comedy. It’s a low-tech production sans trendy bells and whistles, driven by strong performances from the actors.”
Bill Varble, Mail Tribune

“‘The Winter’s Tale’ is structurally robust enough to withstand its own shortcomings. With a core group of excellent actors, and Ms. Chiang at the helm, the play comes off very well indeed. If ‘Winter’s Tale’ teaches us anything, it’s that time, loyalty and perspective can heal most, if not all, wounds. For that lesson alone, OSF’s production is a worthwhile night at the theater.”
Jeffrey Gillespie, Ashland Daily Tidings

“OSF creates a lot of what’s known as high-concept Shakespeare, setting the plays within countries or time periods (or both) that shed new light on their meaning… This production of The Winter’s Tale is the first time the OSF has explicitly used an East Asian setting for Shakespeare, and one hopes that – with an equivalent amount of care around designers, directors and actors – it’s only going to be the first of many..”
— Suzi Steffen, Oregon Arts Watch

“A thoughtful, beautifully poetic production that benefits from an outstanding cast and deft direction…”
Bill Choy, Siskiyou Daily News