by Anchuli Felicia King

Studio Theatre
Washington DC

Scenic: Debra Booth
Costumes: Helen Huang
Lighting: Wen Ling Liao
Sound: Melanie Chen Cole
Projections: Rasean Davonte Johnson

Photography: Teresa Wood

“What’s gratifying on this occasion is the convergence on a mainstream Washington stage of so many potent actresses of Asian descent: The unifying adjective for their work, under the direction of Desdemona Chiang, is ferocious.”

Peter Marks, Washington Post

“… a sharp and often hilarious satire of corporate culture, the beauty-industrial complex, and cross-cultural attitudes toward race and sensitivity.”

Peter Orvetti, MD Theatre Review

White Pearl never lectures, and never patronizes, and it never fails to entertain in its depiction of a terrible business you somehow find yourself hoping to succeed, warts and all.

Mike Paarlberg, Washington City Paper

“brilliantly acerbic… Desdemona Chiang directs most of the play at super-fast speed, telling the story of a marketing disaster appropriately quickly, as if she is telling the story of a wildfire.”

Barbara Mackay, DC Metro Theatre Arts