by A. Rey Pematmat

Crowded Fire Theatre Company
San Francisco, CA

Scenic: Deanna Zibello
Costumes: Ray Oppenheimer
Lighting: Megan La Fleur
Sound: Madeleine Oldham

“…a luminous production by Crowded Fire Theater under the assured and sensitive direction of Desdemona Chiang… It’s easy to fall in love with this trio of vulnerable, needy and tough-minded kids, so beautifully played by these three young adults… irresistibly charming.”

Jean Schiffman, SF Examiner

“…an unusual coming-of-age story with its characters largely free of adult guidance and authority…There is a low-key charm to Pamatmat’s examination of three young lives as they learn both easy and hard-won truths. There is also considerable humor that flows as this trio stumbles forward and their inexperience collides with an often-misplaced self-confidence… Desdemona Chiang’s unhurried staging provides a tender entry into this adult-free world, and also gives the actors a chance to establish their characters in small but delicate strokes.”

Richard Dodds, Bay Area Reporter