Offscript: What’s in a Name? With Desdemona Chiang

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On this week’s podcast, the guest is Desdemona Chiang, who discusses setting ‘The Winter’s Tale’ in China and why her mother named her after the tragic ‘Othello’ heroine. Plus, the editors discuss #FairWageOnstage. BY AMERICAN THEATRE EDITORS Every other week, the editors of American Theatre curate a free-ranging discussion about the lively arts in our [...]


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The insatiable curiosity of theatre director Desdemona Chiang by GEMMA WILSON April 22, 2016 City Arts Magazine Slowly pacing a matte grey floor covered in spike tape, 
Desdemona Chiang directs a question to her rehearsal room: “What the fuck is this moment about?” Laughter ruffles from the cast and creative team members of The Winter’s [...]

Desdemona Chiang: 2016 Creative Promise Prize in Theatre

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Desdemona Chiang: The Lost Generation “A good friend of mine and I like to say—kind of jokingly, but kind of not—that there is a lost generation of Asian American artists between the ages of 30 and 45, because of social patterns, immigration patterns, because of a clash between old-world values and new-world values,” says Desdemona [...]

Thank You10 Episode VI: 4000 Miles

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Considered one of the most influential writers of his generation, Lin Yutang said, “No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familia pillow.” So if travel is all about returning home again, Dorothy may have gotten it right when she clicked her ruby slippers, and [...]